The Ship Handling Research and Training Centre at Ilawa is owned bythe Foundation for Safety of Navigation and Environment Protection, which isa joint venture between the Gdynia Maritime University, the Technical University of Gdansk and the City of Ilawa.

Two main fields of activity of the Foundation are:

Training in ship handling. Since 1980 more than 3500 ship masters and pilotsfrom 40 countries were trained at Iława Centre. The Foundation forSafety of Navigation and Environment Protection, being non-profitorganisation is reinvesting all spare funds in new facilities and each yearto the existing facilities new models and new training areas were added.Existing training models each year are also modernised, that's why at presentthe Centre represents a modern facility perfectly capable to perform training on ship handling of shipmasters, pilots and tug masters.

Research on ship's manoeuvrability. Many experimental and theoretical researchprogrammes covering different problems of manoeuvrability (including humaneffect, harbour and waterway design) are successfully realised at the Centre.

The Foundation possesses ISO 9001 quality certificate.

For further information please contact:

The Foundation for Safety of Navigation
and Environment Protection

Head office:
36, Chrzanowskiego street

tel./fax: +48 58 341 59 19

Ship Handling Centre:


tel./fax: +48 89 648 74 90



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